my Farewell (s)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lama betul tak update my blog nie. Nothing much to be noted. Ahaks. Since my last day in this current office just around the corner, a few lovely & sweet frenzzz dah bersusah payah for this moments.. Luv u guys..Starting from Sue, Liz, Christy, Adeline, SAQ Team & Lynn aka PIL.. of course the SAQ team...Zillion Thanxx guys :-* ..Muaaahhhzzz

1st round makan2, Organized & Sponsored by Sue, assisted by Zue with Nasi Dagang Ganu with Lauk Klate :-p

3rd Farewell by SAQ Team - The preparation
The yummy dishes... handmade & ordermade... hahaha
Mcm birthday laks.. with Suzey (she's leaving too)
Makan2 time
Guess why we all laughing?? hahaha
Posing after makan2 at our lovely pantry
Orang2 Kuat
Makan2 (again) by Lynn
Happy Hour by PIL without Ecstasy k??!!
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